Our Ministry

Fifteen years ago a group of people worked hard to express life through art. In a constant creation, in the search for the unique and individual talent of each person, Arte7 is an arts company focused on the artistic excellence of theater, dance, clowning, circus, storytelling, literature, fine arts and music.

Arte7 has been to Mozambique, Germany, Argentina, Colombia and many Brazilian states with artistic presentations and providing services to local communities, living and knowing people’s history.

This ministry lives in constant contact with the Creator of the Universe, believing that all art flows from Him and returns to Him through people.

Currently, Arte7 has a circus structure installed at the Jocum Monte das Águia base in the city of Almirante Tamandaré, and works on the Circus Project of the same city. In addition to being the company’s training venue and setting for free cultural activities for the public, the circus tent will also house workshops for children and teenagers from public schools and outlying communities.

The idea is to build new dreams to transform people and places with the art of the Creator. Come and learn how you can be part of this!

How to become part

If you have completed your DTS at any of the Jocum bases and understand that your area of expertise is ART, you may be a voluntary work of Cia Arte 7. We understand that in order to have good results from our work as a ministry and arts company, we need to have a team committed to practices and presentations as well as to the social work we carry out through our gifts and talents. That is why our goal is to have a commitment from our members for at least a year of work.

But you can also be a supporter of Cia Arte 7 by promoting our work and being a sponsor of shows and trips. If you want to do so just contact us!