Mission Adventures

Mission Adventures | Serve – Impact – Send
From the 8th to the 20th of July 2023


Mission Adventures is designed to give young people a dynamic short-term mission experience, understanding better how God works in their lives. The programs in this short term mission time have being designed thinking about you. Our goal is to take care of the logistics of your adventure (food, housing, land transportation, devotion, worship, evangelism, etc.), allowing you to focus your energies on having evangelism and group work experiences. You will be impacted by God during this adventure! We make the organization, you make the mission happen!


People committed to the Kingdom and Missions will train you and your team on how to present effectively the message of the Gospel to people of different cultures. Participants will be prepared through teaching, teamwork, games, worship and prayer; all with the purpose of sharing their faith and serving the needs of others.

Means for growth

There is nothing better than a short-term experience with Mission Adventures to help young people grow in faith. How do they hear the Word of God? How to do and obey what He says? It is time to find yourself stretched beyond your natural capacity and into a position where you need to see God move.

Short-term trips provide an opportunity to try out many forms of missions, giving each person on the team the ability to use their God-given skills and abilities. Some people may truly love and appreciate the ministry of children, others may love sharing their testimony or becoming a worship leader. Others may enjoy construction projects or community service. We are here to help you to find out what is your part in the Kingdom and use it as best as you can.

Currently, four full-time workers make part of the Mission Adventures Águias Curitiba team, and during the execution of the school we have an average of ten other workers who work together with us. This school has as main values: Serving – Impacting – Experimenting..

Your trip may include

  • Work with some church.

  • Ministry Children (working in an orphanage, going on visits hospitals, etc.)

  • Ministry of Mercy (making soup in kitchens, rehabilitation centers, youth centers, etc.)

  •  Community service (basic gardening, painting, cleaning streets and squares etc)

  •  Larger projects are available in some destinations. These may require additional funds. Let us know what type of projects you would be interested in pursuing.

Detailed information

Investment: R$1000.00
Registratio fee R$400 until June 15th and R$600 for the campaign until the day of arrival on July 8th.

Data: From the 8th to the 20th of July 2023

Lecture phase location: JOCUM Monte das Águias (Rodovia dos Minérios 6099,  Km.16, Almirante Tamandaré, PR – CEP: 83514-000)

Outreach: Palmeira -PR

(42) 9866-0097 – Juliana missionadventurescuritiba@gmail.com   @missioncuritiba

* The values referring to the registration or school fees must be deposited in the current account of the mission as announced below. All deposits must be IDENTIFIED with the name of the student and the name of the depositor.

All deposit receipts must be sent via email to missionadventurescuritiba@gmail.com

(Only after the payment proof is sent the registration and the school fees will be marked as canceled)

For Bank Deposit

Jovens com uma Missão Banco Bradesco / Conta Corrente Agency: 3200 Account: 6585-4

You can register On-line

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