Ropes Course

This course is a challenge for all different types of teams. Through adventure, extreme sports and games of logic and strategy, we intentionally work with skills such as leadership, communication, interdependence, trust, among other things that a good team needs. All this in both ways dynamic and fun. There is one pact of five course commitments, which are: Encouragement, Resilience, Safety, Fun and Creativity. All participants agree to exercise the five commitments during the period they are in the course. At the end of every circuit, the group itself processes what needed to be improved, what was missing, what could have been different. We believe that self-criticism is constructive for everyone. At the end of the day or the course period, we do the processing with all the small groups together, providing a time where one group can honor the other by overcoming boundaries.

Equipment and Safety

In Ropes there is no such thing as a “way” at all. Our workers, despite of being volunteers, they go through a training period to work entire weeks and weekends on the ropes doing daily maintenance, checking cables and everything that is needed to keep the participants’ safety. All of our equipments are imported; tested one by one as they are being manufactured. All the assembling, maintenance and storage follow the rules established internationally for those who work with this type of course.

Important Information

JOCUM Monte das Águias

Rodovia dos Minérios 6099,  Km.16

Almirante Tamandaré, PR CEP: 83514-000

(41) 3657-4057 visit our web site

We have three schedule options:

  • From 8h to 17h (with one hour for eating lunch)
  • From 8h to 12h30 (without any lunch break)
  • From 13h30 to 17h (without food breaks)

* If your team wishes to stay for two or more days, please contact us.

  • Free buffet made by our logistics department and hosting, which costs $ 15.00 per person.
  • Bring the lunch ready or semi-ready; we can store your sodas, juices and other drinks in the refrigerator until lunchtime. We will have available the barbecue place if needed.
  • CLOTHING: As the activities are tree climbing, climbing, etc. It is recommended not to wear jeans or shorts, and come with clothes appropriate for physical activities.
  • CELL PHONES, CAMERAS: It’s okay to take the circuit and take them with you, and you are responsible for your own stuffs.
  • WATER: We only have water available in the filter at the dining hall of our base; we do not have drinking fountains during the circuits because some of them are in height places. It is recommended to bring a personal bottle.
  • CHILDREN: The minimum age to participate in the course is 12 years old. We do not have a specific person to care for babies or children. We have a playground at the base; if your staff has someone who cares for the children, they can use the space quietly without having to pay for the course and without additional cost.
  • PARKING: We have a large parking space inside our property as well.

* The values referring to the Ropes Course must be deposited in the current account of the mission as announced below. All deposits must be IDENTIFIED, with the name of the student and the name of the depositor.

* At least the amount of half of the number of people who will participate must be deposited.

All deposit receipts must be sent via email to

(Only after the payment proof is sent the course dates will be confirmed)

For Bank Deposit

Jovens com uma Missão Banco Bradesco / Savings account Agency: 3200 Account: 1000757-7

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