BCC – Bible Core Course

BCC – Bible Core Course (CHR 211)

Starts February 4, 2024


The Bible Core Course’s goal is to equip students with the tools and skills for effective Bible study and ministry time.

They will have an overview of the entire Bible, understanding all kinds of genres, studying some OT and NT books.

Transformation is a great overall goal as well as:

  • Biblical world view,
  • Deeper intimacy with God,
  • Renewed mind,
  • Becoming more like Christ.

They will study history (both the Old and New Testaments and the silent 400 years) – and geography / epoch mapping They will be trained in all kinds of learning styles, many different teaching styles are also used and experienced This course offers students students a good understanding of the inductive approach to Bible study – equipping them with tools for life.

Old and New Testament books are studied inductively. A NT and Old Testament Timeline will be made. Students read the entire Bible aloud Studying to change lives is what we do, and transformation is an essential element of the course.

This course provides a way to learn how to incorporate Scripture in the areas of evangelism, worship and intercession, and life. We look forward to seeing you next semester.

The BCC – Bible Core Course lasts 12 weeks:

We will study books of the Bible that represent different literary forms, such as: some epistles in the New Testament, the Gospel of Mark, Revelation, historical books and prophetic books; including general knowledge about the Old Testament, Hebrew poetry, as well as information about the culture, history, economy, politics and geography of the time referring to the book studied.

The course is essentially a personal study, and the classes are given every week, in the morning.

Materials needed for the study:

The student will receive a Bible and an Introduction to BCC booklet, as well as receive during the course at no cost all the workbooks or materials that the teachers deliver.

Also, the student will need to have the following materials for personal use: notebook, crayons of various colors (suggestion for crayons: STAEDTLER), A4 paper, graph paper, ruler, pencil, sharpener, eraser, plastic bags in A4 size (for handing in the assignments), calculator and Portuguese language dictionary. It is extremely important during school to use a computer or notebook, we suggest that you bring it to use during classes and to carry out personal work.

*For detailed information about payment methods please contact us using the contact information above.

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