WBH- Word by Heart

CHR 217 – Word by Heart: Gospel of Mark

Starts February 4, 2024

In this course students will discuss, debate and meditate on the Gospels, finding deeper meaning and understanding, resulting in an experience so deep they can re-tell stories word for word in their native language—as if they were actual eyewitnesses to the event. In doing this, students are transformed to be more like Jesus. Students will also learn storytelling skills and practice natural memory techniques. Students will create imaginary memories to see what the eyewitnesses saw and say what they meant, developing honest, technique-free communication that compels audience attention and understanding of the Scriptures.

The gospels claim to show that it is in the totality of Jesus’ life that we find salvation. More than reports of a story, they are testimonies of faith. Its starting point is the experience of the first disciples, who adhered to Jesus and were impacted by the life, words and behavior of the man from Nazareth; who suffered the collapse of their hopes with the death of the master; and who rediscovered, in his resurrection, meaning and answer to existence.

Word By Heart aims to retell the story of Jesus as his friends did. Can you imagine Christ’s disciples and apostles sharing, time and time again, the stories of his exceptional life, teaching, death and resurrection? Imagine now the laughter, conviction, and infectious nature of these events. It was through these stories that Jesus reached his audience.

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