Arts DTS

Arts DTS – “Let the ways open”

Starts February 4, 2024

Creativity is something given by God to every human being “… God filled him with his Spirit and gave him ability intelligence, competence to do all kinds of artistic work…” (Exodus 31)

To be part of Arts DTS it is not necessary to have any specific type of artistic skill, it is enough to be an artist or to have an interest in the arts. The Arts DTS aims to offer materials about art, for those interested, or simply for those who want to venture into this context.

Our intention is to grow in the Christian life and enjoy time together, we will also invest in artists to be involved in the Kingdom in many ways. We are not only interested in art, but also in the artist, and about this Schaeffer also says that “no work of art is more important than the life of the Christian himself and, in this sense, every Christian is called to be an artist, the life Christianity must be something true and beautiful in the midst of a world lost and sunk in despair.”

For a long time we saw art only as an evangelism tool, but it goes beyond that: art has the power to heal, liberate and transform minds. Art can dictate fashion, values and culture. Can you imagine being able to use your artistic gifts to heal and transform lives, families, societies and nations?!

Come with us to color the nations. The Creator, the greatest of all artists invites us to stage, dance, recite, write and narrate various stories given by Him.

This DTS also proposes to generate an artist who transforms the environment where he lives. Inspire the student to expand the artistic concept and listen to the Lord to bring life with his art around the world. Proposal for artistic activities: Technical and theoretical classes, with tools that range from theater to the creation and assembly process, such as:

  • Makeup and costumes
  • Circus
  • Dance
  • Theater
  • Biblical worldview of art
  • Character of God
  • Praise and worship, etc.

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