Workshop “Fashion with Purpose”

Workshop “Fashion with Purpose”
“The act of dressing involves much deeper issues than just choosing an outfit.”
From January 23 to 29, 2023

Fashion goes far beyond a simple piece of clothing. Fashion is able to reflect who we are, communicate our values and transform our society.

The Fashion with Purpose Workshop aims to bring understanding about our purpose as a Christian, growing in our identity as artists, generating awareness and responsibility about the impact of fashion in the kingdom of God, as a tool for social transformation.

We invite you to embark with us on this incredible week, and have a different perspective on the world of fashion.

Topics Covered:

  • Identity and Purpose
  • Self-esteem and Beauty
  • Vocation- The Church and Fashion
  • Fashion, Creativity and Creative Process
  • Redemption in Fashion: Sustainable Fashion and Moodboard with Purpose
  • Sustainable collection development
  • Entrepreneurship Principles/li>

*Practical activities will be carried out with the students in relation to the topics covered. Teachers:

Ana Karolina Ortega
Ana Karolina Ortega
Involved with YWAM since I was 15 years old (with kings kids campaigns), did her eted in 2013 (at YWAM CCL base) in 2015 served in YWAM in New Zealand…
She is a teacher at the Ministry of Fashion in Missions, at the YWAM Brasília Base, and is the pedagogical coordinator of the Fashion with Purpose Worshop at YWAM Águias. Graduated in fashion for 11 years at Senac, she has been specializing in sustainable fashion for 3 years and is also a professor at Senai in Curitiba. Founder and director of Instituto Liberdade para Amélia, she is a participant in Fasfhion Week 2021 (in São Paulo). She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and also studying philosophy at Invisible College.
Mari Simionato
Mari Simionato
For 10 years I have traveled the world teaching women about relationship with God, identity and calling. I am a journalist and writer of the book “Letters to my Daughter”, which is already in its 3rd edition with thousands of copies sold.
I was a TV presenter and that’s why my love for cameras and communication. Mentor to women who love God. Since 2013, I have led teams of women who work behind the scenes of major international fashion weeks, film awards and red carpets with the intention of sharing the love of Jesus. Tony’s wife and Benjamin’s mother. We have lived in the USA for over 5 years.
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This course makes part of the College of Communication at the University of the Nations.

The College of Arts & Sports seeks to equip men and women to display the Gospel through their unique talents and gifts. Integrating Biblical truths with artistic and athletic expressions generates an influential vehicle for proclaiming the Gospel in celebration across cultural and generational divides.

In a rapidly globalizing society, the universal language of arts and sports is critical in expressing God’s thinking, character, and glory to the nations. With courses in music, sports and fitness coaching, songwriting, culinary arts, event management, nutrition, and more, the College of Arts & Sports provides training in a variety of disciplines.

This training, however, goes beyond method, challenging students to develop Godly characters, a strong social conscience with a focus on God and a deeper understanding of how their individual passions can influence the world for His glory.

Registration fee: R$350,00
Workshop fee: R$550,00

Total: R$ 900,00 ( it includes accommodation, food and course classes throughout the course period.)

Date: January 23 to 29, 2023
JOCUM Monte das Águias
Rodovia dos Minérios 6099,  Km.16
Almirante Tamandaré, PR
CEP: 83514-000

  • To be a Christian, to be linked to a church.
  • Have an interest or be in the fashion area (which involves not only seamstresses, models, pattern makers, fashion designers, but also in the area of aesthetics and beauty).
  • No DTS required.
  • You don’t need to know how to sew.
 E-MAIL: Whatsapp: +55 41 998819354 (Talita)

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