Intensive Evangelism Seminar

Intensive Evangelism Seminar

The intensive seminar lasts for a month, aiming to make clear the task of proclaiming the good news of Jesus and showing that, wherever you are, you can reach the hearts of people as Jesus did and has done. This seminar focuses on evangelism as a lifestyle. We will show how we can demonstrate the Lord’s power and love through signs and wonders by understanding the authority we have in Jesus’ Name.

The theoretical period (first 15 days) will provide us with a solid basis for the Gospel and will also show creative and effective ways to share the good news with everyone. With theoretical classes and fieldwork, the student will have access to knowledge and practical experience of what is taught. During this time of study, the student is encouraged to deepen his relationship with God, to get to know him better and be more like Jesus.
This period (15 days) will be carried out as a team in the second half of the course. In that time we will work in a practical way on how to get to urban places, small villages and places closed to the gospel. At the end of the seminar the student will receive a certificate of completion and points will be added to his registration at the University of the Nations.
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Important Information

Lecture: — Outreach: The payment fees for the seminar already includes the programmed expenses of the practical period. There may be national and international trips. Focusing on some of the less evangelized locations, the student will be encouraged to interact with other cultures and customs.

Date: Not schedduled yet Location of Lecture Phase: JOCUM Monte das Águias Rodovia dos Minérios 6099, Km.16 Almirante Tamandaré, PR CEP: 83514-000


Phone numbers: (41) 3657-4057 (base) / (41) 99539-6170 (course director)

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