SDF – School of Digital Filmmaking

CMC 385 – School of Digital Filmmaking
Starts July 31, 2023
Credits: 12 / Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212 and prior study assignments

The knowledge you carry within yourself is a story that you long to tell. With excellent creativity, you can engage your audience and bring a message you might have waited for a lifetime to be heard.

This is the exciting challenge you have in front of you, the filmmaker.

You’re the storyteller! You have a truth that must be shared! You can and should share it in a creative and strategic way.

There is a truth waiting to be told, a story waiting to be written, a movie director waiting to direct it.

The School of Digital Filmmaking is an intensive three-month course designed to train and equip future filmmakers for the film world. The training is given through lectures by professionals of the industry, class debates and movie display. Throughout the school, students will write and produce their own short film as well as be part of several others. There is also a strong emphasis on integrity, character development and prayer for the film industry.

The Digital Film School will give the filmmaker the necessary tools and bases to pursue a career as a filmmaker and storyteller.

Welcome to the world of influence!

* Once you have submitted your completed form, we will send you a list of 100 films that must be watched prior to staring the SDF.

It happens during 3 months where the student is full time integrated into the community living. These 3 months will be very intense. This phase will be part of the students’ life as they are being taught by national and international teachers, having intercession and praise times, film summary, seminars, special events of leisure and communion, and short film work.
As this is a second-level school, the internship is optional and the student will have up to 2-years to take it; however we encourage those who can do it right after the lecture phase.

This course makes part of the College of Communication at the University of the Nations.

The College/Faculty of Communication is dedicated to preparing graduates for global service and leadership in all forms of communication media. While some graduates go into the marketplace, specializing in illustration, design, filmmaking, cartooning, writing, acting or video production, others will serve specifically in a cross-cultural missions context. In many areas of the media, the line between the marketplace and the mission field is rapidly becoming less distinct. Many students in communication fields pursue their studies to secure gainful employment after graduation. Although using state-of-the-art communication skills in this way is a valid pursuit, the College/Faculty of Communication also challenges students to answer another calling. It is a calling to efect lasting change in the nations of the earth, a calling to communicate the Good News of Christ to every tribe, tongue, people and nation in ways that can be understood by the recipients, no matter what language or cultural background they come from. The skill-oriented training combined with character formation includes courses, seminars, individualized internships, and group field assignments. Graduates, school leaders and resource teachers include award-winning filmmakers, published authors, respected journalists, cross-cultural communication specialists, foreign language experts, and sought-after consultants. Many of them have earned the right to be counted among the vanguard of 21st century communicators.

Detailed information

School fee: US$1000,00

Outreach: The value is defined according to the places where the SDF practices will be held, and there may be international and national locations (these values are not included in the tuition and enrollment fees of the school, and it is the responsibility of the student to provide these values).

The amounts referring to the registration must be deposited in the current account of the mission, as announced below. All deposits must be IDENTIFIED, with the name of the student and the name of the depositor.

For Bank Deposit Jovens com uma Missão Banco Bradesco / Conta Corrente
Agency: 3200
Account: 6585-4

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